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Gabon Flag Description

The flag of Gabon consists of three horizontal stripes of green, yellow, and blue, with a golden yellow emblem in the center. The flag has a ratio of 3:4, meaning that the width is three units and the length is four units.

The top stripe of the flag is green, representing the country’s forests and natural resources. The middle stripe is yellow, symbolizing the sun and the equator, as Gabon is located near the equator. The bottom stripe is blue, representing the Atlantic Ocean and the country’s maritime heritage.

In the center of the yellow stripe, there is a golden yellow emblem. The emblem consists of a black and white shield, which is divided into three parts. The top part of the shield features a stylized elephant head, representing the country’s wildlife and conservation efforts. The middle part of the shield depicts a traditional sailing ship, symbolizing Gabon’s history as a trading nation. The bottom part of the shield shows a crossed axe and machete, representing the importance of agriculture and the country’s independence.

The flag of Gabon was adopted on August 9, 1960, when the country gained independence from France. The design of the flag was created by a group of Gabonese students studying in France, led by Jean-Hilaire Aubame, who later became the first President of Gabon. The flag was officially hoisted for the first time during the independence ceremony in Libreville, the capital city of Gabon.

Since its adoption, the flag of Gabon has remained unchanged, symbolizing the stability and unity of the country. It is a proud symbol of Gabon’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and aspirations for progress and development. The flag is prominently displayed in various official and public places throughout Gabon, including government buildings, schools, and sports events.

Gabon Colored Flag


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