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Mozambique Flag Description

The flag of Mozambique is a horizontal tricolor of green, black, and yellow, with a red isosceles triangle on the hoist side. It was adopted on May 1, 1983, after the country gained independence from Portugal in 1975.

The flag’s design is heavily influenced by the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO), which led the struggle for independence. The green stripe represents the agricultural resources of the country, symbolizing the lush vegetation and the importance of agriculture in the economy. It also represents the hope for a prosperous future.

The black stripe represents the African continent and the African people. It symbolizes the unity and solidarity of the African nations in their fight against colonialism and oppression. It also represents the African heritage and culture of Mozambique.

The yellow stripe represents the country’s mineral wealth, particularly gold. It symbolizes the country’s potential for economic development and prosperity. It also represents the bright future and optimism of the Mozambican people.

The red triangle on the hoist side of the flag represents the struggle for independence and the bloodshed that occurred during the liberation struggle. It symbolizes the sacrifice and determination of the Mozambican people in their fight for freedom. The red triangle also represents the socialist ideology of FRELIMO, which aimed to create a socialist society in Mozambique.

The flag of Mozambique is unique in its design and symbolism. It reflects the country’s history, struggle for independence, and aspirations for a prosperous future. It is a powerful symbol of national identity and unity for the Mozambican people.

Mozambique Colored Flag


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