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The flag of Hungary consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white, and green. The flag’s design is based on the national colors of Hungary, which have been used since the late 18th century.

The history of the Hungarian flag dates back to the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, which aimed to achieve independence from the Habsburg Empire. During this revolution, the tricolor flag with horizontal stripes of red, white, and green was adopted as a symbol of the Hungarian nation’s struggle for freedom.

After the revolution was suppressed, Hungary became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the flag was no longer officially recognized. However, the tricolor flag continued to be used by Hungarian nationalists and became a symbol of Hungarian identity and aspirations for independence.

Following the end of World War I and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary declared itself an independent republic in 1918. The tricolor flag was readopted as the national flag, and it has remained unchanged since then.

During World War II, Hungary was aligned with Nazi Germany, and the flag was modified to include a white circle in the center with a red arrow cross, which was the symbol of the Hungarian fascist party. This version of the flag is associated with Hungary’s dark period of collaboration with the Nazis and is not used anymore.

After the war, Hungary came under communist rule as part of the Eastern Bloc. The flag was modified to include the emblem of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party, which consisted of a red star surrounded by wheat ears. This version of the flag was used until the fall of communism in 1989.

Since the end of communism, Hungary has returned to using the original tricolor flag without any additional symbols or emblems. The flag represents the values of the Hungarian nation, with red symbolizing strength and bravery, white representing fidelity and faithfulness, and green symbolizing hope and fertility.

The flag of Hungary is widely recognized and respected as a symbol of Hungarian national identity and is flown on various occasions, including national holidays, sporting events, and official ceremonies.

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