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Tuvalu Flag Description

The flag of Tuvalu consists of a light blue field with a Union Jack in the canton and a nine-pointed golden yellow star in the fly. The flag has a ratio of 1:2, meaning that the width is double the height.

The Union Jack in the canton represents Tuvalu’s historical association with the United Kingdom. Tuvalu was formerly known as the Ellice Islands, which were a British protectorate from 1892 until they gained independence in 1978. The Union Jack symbolizes the country’s colonial past and its ties to the Commonwealth.

The nine-pointed golden yellow star in the fly represents the nine islands that make up Tuvalu. These islands are Funafuti, Nanumea, Nanumanga, Niutao, Nui, Nukufetau, Nukulaelae, Vaitupu, and Niulakita. The star is a symbol of unity and solidarity among the islands.

The light blue field of the flag represents the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds Tuvalu. It symbolizes the country’s geographical location and its reliance on the ocean for resources and livelihoods. The color blue also represents peace, tranquility, and the clear skies often seen in Tuvalu.

The current flag of Tuvalu was adopted on October 1, 1978, when the country gained independence from the United Kingdom. Prior to this, Tuvalu used a flag with a similar design but with a different shade of blue and a different arrangement of stars. The previous flag had a darker shade of blue and featured a coat of arms in the canton instead of the Union Jack.

The coat of arms on the previous flag included a shield with a palm tree, a hut, and a canoe, representing the traditional way of life in Tuvalu. The shield was supported by a frigatebird on the left and a dove on the right, symbolizing freedom and peace. Above the shield was a crown, symbolizing Tuvalu’s status as a constitutional monarchy under British protection.

In conclusion, the flag of Tuvalu is a representation of the country’s history, geography, and unity. It reflects its past as a British protectorate, its nine islands, and its reliance on the Pacific Ocean. The flag has undergone changes over time, but its current design has been in use since Tuvalu gained independence in 1978.

Tuvalu Colored Flag


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