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Belize Flag Description

The flag of Belize consists of a royal blue field with a white disc at the center. Inside the disc, there is the coat of arms of Belize, which is surrounded by 50 olive leaves. The coat of arms features a shield divided into three sections. The top section depicts a ship in full sail, representing the importance of Belize’s maritime history. The bottom left section shows a mahogany tree, symbolizing the country’s natural resources and the importance of the timber industry. The bottom right section displays a crossed paddle and ax, representing the importance of the country’s logging and agriculture industries.

Above the shield, there is a helmet and a crest, which includes a mahogany tree and two woodcutters. The shield is supported by two men, one holding an ax and the other holding an oar. Below the shield, there is a banner with the national motto “Sub Umbra Floreo,” which means “Under the shade, I flourish.”

The flag of Belize was officially adopted on September 21, 1981, when the country gained independence from the United Kingdom. However, the design of the flag has its roots in the flag of the People’s United Party (PUP), which was the leading political party advocating for independence. The PUP’s flag had a similar design, with a blue field and a white disc containing the party’s logo.

The blue color of the flag represents the People’s United Party, while the white disc symbolizes peace. The 50 olive leaves surrounding the coat of arms represent the year 1950, which was a significant year in Belize’s history as it marked the beginning of the nationalist movement and the push for self-governance.

Overall, the flag of Belize is a symbol of the country’s independence, natural resources, and the unity of its people. It represents the rich history and aspirations of the Belizean nation.

Belize Colored Flag


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