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Mauritius Flag Description

The flag of Mauritius consists of four horizontal bands of equal width. From top to bottom, the colors are red, blue, yellow, and green. The flag has a ratio of 2:3, meaning that its width is two-thirds of its length.

The history of the Mauritian flag dates back to the country’s independence from British colonial rule on March 12, 1968. Prior to independence, Mauritius was under British control, and its flag featured the Union Jack in the canton (upper left corner) and a blue field with the colonial coat of arms on the fly (right side).

After gaining independence, the Mauritian government decided to create a new flag that would represent the nation’s identity and aspirations. The design was chosen through a national competition, and the winning entry was submitted by Gurudutt Moher. His design incorporated the colors of the political parties that were prominent during the independence movement.

The red color on the flag symbolizes the struggle for independence and the bloodshed that occurred during the fight for freedom. It also represents the courage and vitality of the Mauritian people. The blue color represents the Indian Ocean surrounding the island nation and signifies the importance of the sea in the country’s economy and culture.

The yellow color represents the bright future and the optimism of the Mauritian people. It also symbolizes the country’s rich cultural diversity and the unity of its various ethnic groups. The green color represents the lush vegetation and agricultural resources of Mauritius. It also symbolizes the country’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its efforts to preserve its natural beauty.

Overall, the flag of Mauritius is a powerful symbol of the nation’s history, identity, and aspirations. It represents the struggle for independence, the unity of its people, and the country’s natural beauty and resources.

Mauritius Colored Flag


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