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Barbados Flag Description

The flag of Barbados consists of three vertical bands of blue, yellow, and blue, with a black trident-head centered on the yellow band. The flag has a ratio of 2:3, meaning that the width is twice the height.

The blue color represents the sea and sky surrounding the island, while the yellow color symbolizes the golden sand on the beaches. The black trident-head is a national symbol of Barbados and represents the independence of the nation.

The flag of Barbados was officially adopted on November 30, 1966, when the country gained independence from British colonial rule. However, the design of the flag was chosen through a national competition held in 1966, prior to independence. The winning design was submitted by Grantley W. Prescod, a local art teacher.

The trident-head on the flag is derived from the national emblem of Barbados, which features a full trident with a broken shaft. The trident is a symbol associated with the Roman god Neptune, who was considered the ruler of the seas. In the context of Barbados, the trident represents the country’s dependence on the sea for its livelihood and its identity as an island nation.

The flag of Barbados has remained unchanged since its adoption in 1966 and is widely recognized as a symbol of the country’s independence and national pride. It is prominently displayed on government buildings, schools, and during national events and celebrations.

Overall, the flag of Barbados is a vibrant representation of the nation’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and its journey towards independence.

Barbados Colored Flag


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