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Nauru Flag Description

The flag of Nauru consists of a blue field with a horizontal gold stripe in the middle. In the top left corner, there is a white 12-pointed star. The flag has a ratio of 1:2, meaning its width is twice its height.

The blue color represents the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds the island nation of Nauru. The gold stripe symbolizes the equator, as Nauru is located just south of it. The white star represents the 12 original tribes of Nauru and also signifies the country’s location in the southern hemisphere.

The flag of Nauru was officially adopted on January 31, 1968, when the country gained independence from Australia. However, the design of the flag dates back to the 1930s when Nauru was under Australian administration. At that time, the flag was used unofficially, but it became the official flag upon independence.

During the German colonial period from 1888 to 1914, Nauru used a different flag. It featured a blue field with a white disc in the center, which contained a black eagle with outspread wings. This flag represented Nauru as a German protectorate.

When the island came under Australian administration in 1914, the flag was changed to a blue field with a white disc in the canton, bearing the British Union Jack. This flag represented Nauru as a British mandate.

After gaining independence, Nauru decided to create a new flag that would reflect its unique identity and history. The current design was chosen, incorporating elements that represent the country’s geographical location, indigenous tribes, and its connection to the Pacific Ocean.

The flag of Nauru is a symbol of national pride and independence. It is displayed on government buildings, schools, and during national events and celebrations. The flag serves as a reminder of Nauru’s history and its journey towards self-governance.

Nauru Colored Flag


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