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Lesotho Flag Description

The flag of Lesotho consists of three horizontal stripes of blue, white, and green, with a black Basotho hat in the center. The flag has a ratio of 2:3, meaning that the width is twice the height.

The blue stripe at the top represents the sky and rain, which are vital for the country’s agriculture. It also symbolizes peace, prosperity, and the overall beauty of the country. The white stripe in the middle represents peace, purity, and the desire for harmony among the diverse ethnic groups in Lesotho. The green stripe at the bottom represents the land and the country’s agricultural resources. It also symbolizes hope and the country’s commitment to sustainable development.

The black Basotho hat in the center of the flag is a traditional symbol of Lesotho’s culture and heritage. It represents the country’s sovereignty and independence. The hat is typically worn by the Basotho people, who are the native ethnic group of Lesotho. It is a symbol of their identity and unity.

The flag of Lesotho was adopted on October 4, 2006, replacing the previous flag that had been in use since the country gained independence from the United Kingdom on October 4, 1966. The previous flag consisted of three horizontal stripes of blue, white, and green, with a shield and spear in the center. The shield and spear represented the country’s defense and protection.

The decision to change the flag was made to modernize and simplify the design, as well as to remove the colonial symbols. The new flag was designed by Sergeant Retšelisitsoe Matete, a member of the Lesotho Defence Force. It was chosen through a national competition, where citizens were invited to submit their designs.

The flag of Lesotho is a significant national symbol that represents the country’s history, culture, and aspirations. It is proudly displayed on government buildings, schools, and during national events and celebrations.

Lesotho Colored Flag


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