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Marshall Islands Flag Description

The flag of the Marshall Islands is a horizontal bicolor flag with a blue field on the top and a white field on the bottom. In the upper hoist-side corner, there is a large golden-yellow star with four smaller golden-yellow stars arranged in a semi-circle below it. The flag has a ratio of 10:19.

The flag of the Marshall Islands was officially adopted on May 1, 1979, when the country gained independence from the United States. However, the design of the flag has its roots in the country’s history and culture.

The blue field represents the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds the Marshall Islands. It symbolizes the connection of the islands to the ocean and their reliance on it for sustenance and transportation. Blue is also a color associated with peace and tranquility.

The white field represents the peace and purity of the Marshallese people. It signifies their commitment to maintaining peace and harmony within their society and with other nations.

The golden-yellow star in the upper hoist-side corner represents the country’s leadership and government. It symbolizes the authority and sovereignty of the Marshall Islands. The four smaller golden-yellow stars below the larger star represent the four main cultural centers of the Marshall Islands: Majuro, Jaluit, Wotje, and Ebeye. These stars also represent the four legislative districts of the country.

The design of the flag was created by Emlain Kabua, the wife of the first President of the Marshall Islands, Amata Kabua. She drew inspiration from traditional Marshallese stick charts, which were used for navigation in the open ocean. These charts featured a star-shaped pattern, which is reflected in the flag’s design.

Overall, the flag of the Marshall Islands is a powerful symbol of the country’s history, culture, and aspirations. It represents the connection to the ocean, the commitment to peace, and the authority of the government.

Marshall Islands Colored Flag

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