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Oman Flag Description

The flag of Oman consists of three horizontal stripes of white, red, and green, with a vertical red stripe on the hoist side. In the top left corner of the red stripe, there is a white emblem known as the national emblem of Oman. The emblem features a Khanjar, which is a traditional Omani dagger, along with two crossed swords.

The flag of Oman has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. Before the current flag was adopted, Oman had several different flags representing different regions and rulers. However, the current design was officially adopted on November 18, 1995, and it replaced the previous flag that had been in use since 1970.

The colors of the flag hold significant symbolism. The white stripe represents peace and prosperity, while the red stripe symbolizes the battles fought by the Omani people to gain independence. The green stripe represents the fertility of the land and the agricultural heritage of Oman. The vertical red stripe on the hoist side represents the country’s struggle for independence.

The national emblem, the Khanjar, is an important symbol in Omani culture. It represents bravery, honor, and the traditional values of the Omani people. The crossed swords symbolize the country’s readiness to defend itself and its sovereignty.

The flag of Oman is an important national symbol and is prominently displayed in various public places, government buildings, and during national events and celebrations. It represents the unity, heritage, and aspirations of the Omani people.

Oman Colored Flag


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