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The flag of the Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, is a tricolor flag consisting of three vertical stripes of green, yellow, and red. The flag’s design is similar to the flag of the neighboring country, Guinea, but with different shades of colors.

The flag’s proportions are set at a ratio of 3:2, with the green stripe on the hoist side, followed by the yellow stripe in the middle, and the red stripe on the fly side. The green stripe represents agriculture and the forests of the country, while the yellow stripe symbolizes the country’s rich mineral resources. The red stripe represents the bloodshed during the struggle for independence.

The flag of the Republic of Congo was officially adopted on August 18, 1959, during the country’s struggle for independence from French colonial rule. At that time, the country was known as French Congo. The flag was designed by Jacques Opangault, who was a prominent figure in the Congolese independence movement.

After gaining independence on August 15, 1960, the flag remained unchanged, becoming the national flag of the newly formed Republic of Congo. However, the country went through several political changes and periods of civil unrest, which led to the flag being altered temporarily.

From 1970 to 1991, the Republic of Congo was known as the People’s Republic of Congo, and during this period, the flag featured a red field with a yellow five-pointed star in the canton. This change reflected the country’s shift towards socialism and its alignment with other communist nations.

In 1991, following political reforms and the end of the one-party system, the original tricolor flag was reinstated as the national flag. Since then, the flag has remained unchanged and continues to represent the Republic of Congo’s rich natural resources, struggle for independence, and aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous future.

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