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Bahamas Flag Description

The flag of the Bahamas is a horizontal triband of aquamarine (top and bottom) and gold (middle). In the center of the gold band, there is a black equilateral triangle pointing towards the hoist side of the flag. Inside the triangle, there is a yellow emblem depicting a flamingo in flight.

The flag of the Bahamas was officially adopted on July 10, 1973, when the country gained independence from the United Kingdom. However, the design of the flag was first proposed in 1964 by a local artist named Hervis Bain. His design was chosen out of over 800 submissions in a national competition.

The colors of the flag hold significant meaning. The aquamarine bands represent the surrounding ocean, which is a vital part of the Bahamian culture and economy. The gold band symbolizes the sandy beaches and the sunny climate of the islands. The black triangle represents the unity and strength of the Bahamian people, while the yellow flamingo emblem represents the country’s natural resources and wildlife.

The flamingo emblem is a unique feature of the Bahamian flag. Flamingos are native to the Bahamas and are often associated with the country. They are known for their vibrant pink color and graceful flight, symbolizing the beauty and freedom of the islands.

Before the current flag, the Bahamas used a flag known as the “Blue Ensign” as a British colony. It featured the Union Jack in the canton and the coat of arms of the Bahamas in the fly. The coat of arms depicted a shield with a ship representing the Santa Maria, one of Christopher Columbus’ ships, and a palm tree representing the country’s natural resources.

Overall, the flag of the Bahamas represents the country’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and independence. It is a symbol of pride for the Bahamian people and is often displayed during national holidays, sporting events, and other important occasions.

Bahamas Colored Flag


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