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The flag of Comoros consists of four horizontal stripes of yellow, white, red, and blue, with a green triangle on the hoist side. The flag has a ratio of 3:5, meaning that the width is three-fifths of the length.

The yellow stripe at the top represents the sun, which is a symbol of life and energy. It also represents the Arab heritage of the Comorian people. The white stripe symbolizes purity and peace, as well as the influence of Islam in the country. The red stripe represents the struggle for independence and the bloodshed of the Comorian people. It also symbolizes the socialist ideals of the nation. The blue stripe represents the Indian Ocean surrounding the islands of Comoros, as well as the African heritage of the country. The green triangle on the hoist side represents the fertile land and the hope for a prosperous future.

The flag of Comoros was adopted on January 7, 2002, after a referendum held in Mayotte, one of the four main islands of Comoros. The referendum resulted in Mayotte choosing to remain under French administration, while the other three islands voted for independence. The new flag was designed to represent the unity and diversity of the Comorian people.

Comoros, officially known as the Union of the Comoros, is a small archipelago located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa. It gained independence from France on July 6, 1975. The country consists of three major islands: Grande Comore, Mohéli, and Anjouan, as well as numerous smaller islands. The capital and largest city of Comoros is Moroni.

Throughout its history, Comoros has faced political instability, including several coups and separatist movements. The flag has been changed multiple times to reflect the changing political landscape. The current flag, with its four horizontal stripes and green triangle, represents the unity and diversity of the Comorian people, as well as their aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous future.

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