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Liberia Flag Description

The flag of Liberia consists of eleven horizontal stripes of red and white, with a blue square in the upper hoist-side corner that contains a white five-pointed star. The flag has a ratio of 10:19, meaning that the width is 10 units and the length is 19 units.

The flag of Liberia has a rich history that dates back to the country’s founding. Liberia was established in 1822 as a colony for freed African-American slaves and free-born African-Americans. The flag was designed by one of the colony’s founders, a black American clergyman named Rev. Robert Stockton. The flag was first hoisted on August 24, 1847, when Liberia declared its independence from the American Colonization Society.

The eleven stripes on the flag represent the eleven signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence, who were prominent African-American leaders and settlers. The red and white stripes symbolize courage and moral excellence, while the blue square represents the African continent and the African people. The white star in the blue square represents freedom and the guiding light of Liberia’s future.

The flag of Liberia has undergone a few modifications throughout its history. In 1847, the flag had only eleven stripes, but in 1857, a twelfth stripe was added to represent the twelfth signatory of the Declaration of Independence. However, in 1915, the flag was reverted to its original eleven stripes to honor the original signatories.

During the period of Liberia’s history when it was under the control of the American Colonization Society, the flag featured a white field with a blue canton containing thirteen white stars, similar to the flag of the United States. However, after Liberia gained independence, the flag was redesigned to reflect the country’s unique identity and history.

The flag of Liberia has remained relatively unchanged since its last modification in 1915. It is a symbol of the country’s struggle for independence, its African heritage, and its commitment to freedom and moral excellence. The flag is proudly displayed in various official and public settings throughout Liberia, serving as a reminder of the nation’s history and values.

Liberia Colored Flag


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