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Vanuatu Flag Description

The flag of Vanuatu is a horizontal bicolor flag with a red stripe on the top and a green stripe on the bottom. In the center of the flag, there is a black isosceles triangle pointing towards the hoist side. Inside the triangle, there is a yellow emblem depicting a boar’s tusk, two crossed fern leaves, and a name tag.

The flag of Vanuatu was adopted on February 18, 1980, when the country gained independence from joint colonial rule by France and the United Kingdom. The flag was designed by a local artist named Kalontas Malon, who won a competition organized by the Vanuatu Cultural Centre to create a national flag.

The red color on the flag represents the bloodshed and sacrifices made by the people of Vanuatu in their struggle for independence. It also symbolizes the unity and brotherhood among the different ethnic groups of the country. The green color represents the fertile land and the agricultural resources of Vanuatu, which are vital for the country’s economy.

The black triangle represents the Melanesian people, who are the indigenous inhabitants of Vanuatu. It also symbolizes the country’s determination to move forward and overcome the challenges faced during the colonial era. The yellow emblem inside the triangle represents the traditional culture and customs of Vanuatu. The boar’s tusk is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, while the crossed fern leaves represent peace and harmony. The name tag signifies the country’s official name, “Vanuatu,” which means “Our Land Forever” in the local Bislama language.

Overall, the flag of Vanuatu is a powerful representation of the country’s history, culture, and aspirations. It reflects the struggles and achievements of the people of Vanuatu in their journey towards independence and self-determination.

Vanuatu Colored Flag


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