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Panama Flag Description

The flag of Panama consists of a rectangular design with a ratio of 2:3. It is divided into four quarters, with two white outer quarters and two red inner quarters. The upper left and lower right quarters are white, while the upper right and lower left quarters are red. In the center of the flag, there is a blue square with a single white five-pointed star.

The flag of Panama has a rich history that dates back to the country’s independence from Colombia in 1903. The design of the flag was created by a group of Panamanian patriots led by Manuel EncarnaciĆ³n Amador, who wanted a flag that represented the ideals and aspirations of the newly independent nation.

The colors of the flag hold significant symbolism. The blue square represents the Conservative Party, which was in power during the time of Panama’s independence. The white represents purity and peace, while the red symbolizes the Liberal Party, which was also influential in the country’s early years.

The white star in the blue square is said to represent the purity and honesty of the Panamanian people. It is also believed to symbolize the guiding light that leads the nation towards progress and prosperity.

Over the years, the flag of Panama has remained relatively unchanged. However, there have been some minor modifications to the design. In 1925, the size of the star was increased, and in 1949, the shade of blue was changed to a darker hue.

The flag of Panama is a proud symbol of the country’s independence and sovereignty. It is displayed prominently in various official and public settings, including government buildings, schools, and during national holidays and events. The flag serves as a reminder of Panama’s rich history and the values that the nation holds dear.

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