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Equatorial Guinea Flag Description

The flag of Equatorial Guinea consists of three horizontal bands of green, white, and red, with a blue triangle on the hoist side. In the center of the white band, there is the national coat of arms.

The green band represents the lush vegetation and natural resources of the country. It also symbolizes the agricultural wealth and hope for a bright future. The white band represents peace, purity, and harmony among the different ethnic groups living in Equatorial Guinea. The red band symbolizes the struggle for independence and the bloodshed of the martyrs who fought for freedom.

The blue triangle represents the sea, which surrounds the country and is a significant part of its geography. It also represents the motto of Equatorial Guinea, “Unity, Peace, Justice,” which is written in white letters on the blue triangle.

The national coat of arms in the center of the flag features a silk cotton tree, which is a symbol of national prosperity. The tree is surrounded by six yellow stars, representing the mainland and the five inhabited islands of Equatorial Guinea. Above the coat of arms, there is a golden banner with the country’s name, “Republic of Equatorial Guinea,” written in black letters.

The current flag of Equatorial Guinea was adopted on August 21, 1979, after the country gained independence from Spain. However, this was not the first flag used by the nation. Equatorial Guinea was originally a Spanish colony, and its first flag was the Spanish flag. When the country gained autonomy in 1963, it adopted a flag with three horizontal bands of green, white, and red, similar to the current flag. However, the coat of arms was different, featuring a plow, a machete, and a star.

In 1968, Equatorial Guinea gained full independence, and a new flag was adopted. This flag had a similar design to the current one, with the green, white, and red bands, but the coat of arms was different. It featured a shield with a silk cotton tree, a ship, and a plow, surrounded by six yellow stars.

In 1973, a coup d’├ętat took place, and the flag was changed once again. The new flag had a red field with a black silhouette of a soldier holding a rifle and a machete. This flag represented the revolutionary government that came into power.

Finally, in 1979, the current flag was adopted, symbolizing the unity, peace, and justice that the country aspired to achieve. It has remained the national flag of Equatorial Guinea ever since.

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