UPDATE: 21st century skills in the Finnish school system

In October 2011 Dr. Arto Ahonen, a member of the ATC21S Finland group, delivered a keynote address at a conference organized by the APS, a non-profit Dutch organization for school improvement, and Cito, an educational measurement institute based in the Netherlands.  The conference, called 21st Century Skills @ School, focused on the teaching of 21st century skills in Dutch schools. Participants and attendees included teachers (K-12 and higher education); ministry representatives; and agencies such as VO-raad, the Dutch council for secondary education, and PO-raad.  There was also a workshop on the Partners in Learning Research tool, which can be used to assess where schools are with innovative teaching practices and 21st century skills.  More information on the 21st Century Skills @ School conference is available on this APS webpage. One of the outcomes of this conference is a growing interest in incorporating 21st century skills assessments and teaching strategies into Dutch schools.  Dr. Ahonen has kindly shared the slides from his talk, “Acquiring 21st century skills in the Finnish school system,” which can be downloaded by clicking this link.

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