Transforming education requires a multistakeholder partnership to make a scalable and sustainable difference in classrooms around the world.

Our Global Team

The success of ATC21S was dependent on a broad public and private collaboration across governments, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), academia and industry.

The Role of Governments

For on-the-ground implementation, governments play the most important role: Governments are responsible for teachers’ professional development and will ultimately make the curriculum and assessment decisions to help their countries succeed.

Founder Countries

Four founder countries worked closely with ATC21S to ensure the project met the needs of governments: Australia, Finland, Singapore and the United States. Costa Rica and the Netherlands, our associate countries, joined the project to help us understand how language and cultural differences affect educational assessment for 21st-century skills.


ATC21S was made possible by sponsorship from Cisco, Intel and Microsoft — three international companies with a vested interest in building a skilled workforce for the future.

Executive Director

Since 2010, the ATC21S project was under the leadership of Professor Patrick Griffin, Associate Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Chair of Education (Assessment) at the University of Melbourne and director of the university’s Assessment Research Centre. In 2009, the ATC21S project began under Executive Director Professor Barry McGaw at the University of Melbourne.

Executive Board, Advisory Panel and Project Taskforce

To ensure a strong voice from the educational policy community, ATC21S was governed by an executive board comprising public ministries of education, leading academics and industry leaders from around the world. It was guided by an advisory panel that provides expertise and advice on project direction and implementation, made up of experts in assessment, policy, curriculum, professional development and 21st-century skills.

Executive Board

  • Michael Stevenson, Cisco Systems Inc., Vice President
  • Shelly Esque, Intel Corporation, Vice President
  • Anthony Salcito, Microsoft Corporation, Vice President
  • Patrick Griffin, University of Melbourne, ATC21S Executive Director
  • Esther Care, University of Melbourne, ATC21S International Research Coordinator
  • A senior official from each founder country

Advisory Panel

  • Patrick Griffin, University of Melbourne, ATC21S Executive Director
  • Esther Care, University of Melbourne, ATC21S International Research Coordinator
  • Andreas Schleicher, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
  • Seamus Hegarty, International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)
  • Robin Horn, World Bank
  • Marc Durando, European School NetPearson
  • Eugenio Eduardo Severin, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Stuart Elliott, National Academy of Sciences
  • David Samualson, Pearson
  • David Forster, International Testing Council
  • Ray Adams, Consultant Expert
  • Consultant experts appointed by the Executive Board
  • National project managers from each founder and associate country
  • Taskforce members from each of the companies

Project Taskforce

  • Katrina Reynen, Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Martina Roth, Intel Corporation
  • Greg Butler, Microsoft Corporation
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